Chineasy book


Last week, I purchased the book “Chineasy” by Shaolan. The curious thing is that I have never had much inclination to learn Chinese before. So why start now? Well, it’s all due to social media…

A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook saying “wow! This page is really cool”. Naturally, I was curious and clicked the link that took me to the Chineasy Facebook page (, which I then browsed through.

I was very impressed by the concept of illustrating Chinese characters with pictures. I’m a visual learner and I was thrilled to read that the author of these pictures was thinking of publishing a book. I visited her website and looked through all the designs she’d posted and even pledged to her kickstarter goal to help her reach her dream of publishing the book.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 19.48.21


Several months later, when I had forgotten all about Chineasy, I visited Waterstones. I was perusing the different sections of the book shop when I stumbled upon the published “Chineasy” book. I squealed with excitement and ran to pick it up. My friends looked at me as though I were insane.

“Since when are you interested in learning Chinese?” A friend asked me.

And that’s when everything clicked in place.
“Since I saw that post on Facebook… Since I visited Shaolan’s website and saw her pictograms…”



I was fascinated by the use of marketing and social media and began asking myself questions. I have narrowed them down to 3 main questions sets, which I would like to explore in more depth.

1. How did I become SO aware of Chineasy?

2. What drew me in? Why did I become loyal so quickly and fervently?

And now, for some research…