Word of mouth

I heard about Chineasy on Facebook, a social media platform. But the REASON I clicked on the Chineasy page was because I saw it endorsed by a friend. If an add about Chineasy had been on the side of my Facebook screen I probably would have ignored it – after all, I hadn’t been interested in learning Chinese!

Just look at how word of mouth by close relationships impact sales!




The site above explains the impact of word of mouth brilliantly.


The New Word of Mouth – Word of Mouth 3.0

Brand awareness and the power of recommendation are old marketing concepts. However, with the introduction of social media sites, it has evolved to a whole new level.

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(Marketing Week: http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/analysis/essential-reads/the-new-word-of-mouth/4003281.article)

Even without monetary incentive, people advocate or criticise products, and share information; it’s a social element.


(Small business marketing Forum: http://sbmarketingforum.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/how-does-word-of-mouth-really-affect-my-small-business/)

People can become unofficial brand advocates.